Serrated Flat Bar - be adequate for :U Trype Tench Cover化妝蓋Side Trench Cover清掃孔格柵Drainge Pit CoversStair TreadsTrench Cover

Serrated Flat Bar

SFB25 x 4.5
SFB 32 x 4.5
SFB38 x 4.5

Thickness : 3mm to 5mm
Height :
25mm to 50mm
: flexible to 6,000mm

The top surface of the bearing bar are formed by a series of notches thus enhancing its non-slip characteristics. It is particularly suitable for use in slippery conditions such as oil refineries, tankers. stair ways etc.

SFB-25X4.5 SFB-32X4.5 SFB-38X4.5 SFB-50X6