Drainge Pit Covers - Simple and economic construction; surrounded angle bases can be set into the water well cover。

Drainge Pit Covers

Production Methods:
1. Twisted Steel: the more common method; to twist steel as crossbar.
2. Double Flat Steel: made by interlacing two flat iron.
3. Detailed Type: the main lever spacing of 12.5mm; used for barrier-free space and the general spacing of 30 or 35.3mm.
4. Interspersed Type: Interspersed with round iron to middle of flat steel.

Model Ditch pitch (mm) Grating Wide (mm) Grating Height
frame Cover
CFM-90 900x900 1023x1022 955x1000 I-75
CFM-80 800x800 912x922 890x900 I-75
CFM-70 700x700 812x822 784x800 I-65
CFM-60 600x600 731x739 713x715 I-65
CFM-50 500x500 635x622 607x600 I-55


Construction Sample