Rodding eye Cover TP、TG - The cover is used on streets, factories, and etc. as the water well cover for drainage purpose。

Rodding eye Cover

Production Methods:
1. Twisted Steel: the more common method; to twist steel as crossbar.
2. Double Flat Steel: made by interlacing two flat iron.
3. Detailed Type: the main lever spacing of 12.5mm; used for barrier-free space and the general spacing of 30 or 35.3mm.
4. Interspersed Type: Interspersed with round iron to middle of flat steel.


Model  Ditch pitch (mm) Grating Wide (mm) Grating Height Flat Bar Size(SS400) bm/mx tm/m  
frame Cover
TP-30 300 317 289 I-50 FB50X6
TP-40 400 423 395 I-50 FB50X6
TP-50 450 494 466 I-50 FB50X6
TP-60 500 529 501 I-50 FB50X6



Model  Ditch pitch (mm) Grating Wide (mm) Grating Height
frame Cover
TG-30 300 317 289 I-50
TG-40 400 423 395 I-50
TG-50 450 494 466 I-50
TG-60 500 529 501 I-50




Construction Sample